Monday, November 5, 2007

Billy Davies Next to Go?

Let's face it, the Premiership is a business. In a business, it's expected of those in charge to produce results and if they don't, something has to be done about it.

Pundits across the world gave Derby County almost no chance to stay up this season; some went as far as to predict that the Rams would set a record for the fewest points ever in a Premiership season (Sunderland-15; two years ago). At this point in time the former certainly appears it will be true, and though at their current pace Derby will end up somewhere in the neighborhood of 18-20 points, that's just not good enough.

At some point in time, those in charge have to be held accountable and manager Billy Davies really isn't getting it done with Derby. His team has a goal differential of -21 after 12 games and have yet to score a goal on the road. Their only victory of the year came against perennial underachiever Newcastle and in all honesty, the Magpies were unlucky not to come out of that game with a point. They were knocked out of the Carling Cup in the second round at home against Championship newcomers Blackpool.

Even if ownership is resolved to the fact that they will be going down, it's important to not show this to the players and to make every effort to try and turn things around. Changing managers could inspire the team enough to snatch a few points in the run of upcoming games and in the long run, a point here, a point there may be the difference between the Premiership and Championship. Billy Davies simply isn't getting his message across to his players and when you look at the roster, they're a better team than they've showed thus far. You have to bring in a fresh face to get the most out of the players.

Billy Davies appears to be the odds-on favorite in the "sack race", though certainly you could make a case for Gareth Southgate as well. If you're going to change the manager at all, you have to do it before the situation gets completely out of hand and all hope is lost. If you're a Derby fan, you have to get this poor run of form nipped in the bud before you're condemned to life in the second tier of English soccer.

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