Thursday, November 1, 2007

New Podcast

In conjunction with BCJohn (who runs "The 3rd Half", a new blog listed under the Useful Soccer Sites section, and can be heard as a regular contributor on the Major Soccer League Talk podcast as well as the EPL Talk podcast), I'm excited to announce that I, along with my brother, will be once-a-week guests on the new Third Half Podcast, scheduled to debut within the very near future as a creation of BC himself.

This podcast will be done on a twice-a-week basis with another guest scheduled to cohost the other weekly show with BCJohn. Full details will be released by BC very soon as to where the podcast will be available for your listening pleasure and to the actual date of the show's debut.

According to BC, this new podcast "is going to be a no-nonsense look at the Barclays Premier League and beyond, a perfect compliment to the interviews done (elsewhere). So you ask yourself how this is going to be different than from other podcasts online? Simple, it's going to be the most honest, brunt analysis of the events at the weekend, cutting through the BS to get to the heart of the news. It will also look at the action in other leagues around Europe as well as Major League Soccer."

To say the least, I'm excited for the show to get started and I can't wait to start recording. I speak for my brother in saying we're honored that BC has asked us to cohost with him once a week and it's something we think will be enjoyable for all the listeners out there and for the readers of our blogs.

Once BC lets me know about the full details and show schedule, I'll be sure to post back here with everything regarding the new Third Half Podcast, where to find it, when to listen to it, and how to contact us. Until then, once again, I'm excited and can't wait for the show to begin.

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