Sunday, January 13, 2008

200th Post

Alright everyone, listen up.

My next post will be the 200th on English Soccer Talk since its inception in May. This site has undergone a few changes over the months and I'm continually tweaking it to try and make it better and more informative but most of all, more enjoyable for visitors.

What I'd like everyone to do is leave a comment after this post and explain what you'd like to see in the future on this site. I'm interested to hear how you all think I could really push English Soccer Talk further into that community of more reputable blogs. Give me your feedback; do you think I should change the color scheme? Should I write about different topics?

Also if you don't mind, give me your suggestions on what I should post about for the big 200. I'm open to anything and whichever option I like best will be the winner. My contact details are on the lower left side of the page if you want to send an e-mail, or feel free to leave another comment.

Here's to another 200 posts!

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