Saturday, February 23, 2008

Interesting Poll Question Results

This week's poll question asked you all which Premiership team left in the Champions League did you believe had the best chance to win the whole thing.

I put out this question before the Round of 16 first legs on Tuesday and Wednesday, and half of the eight votes received came before those games. Curiously enough, no one voted for Liverpool even though they beat Inter Milan 2-0 and are clearly in the best position to advance out of their fellow "Big Four" teams.

Four people chose Manchester United, who were also my picks to win this competition. I'm beginning to rethink that a little bit because if the Red Devils are ever forced to play without Cristiano Ronaldo and/or especially Wayne Rooney, they are extremely vulnerable to defeat.

Chelsea and Arsenal got two votes each and both of these teams, particularly Arsenal, are not locks to even make the quarterfinals.

Thanks for the feedback, everyone. I've put a new poll question out, so take a second and vote if you could.

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