Sunday, March 16, 2008

Preseason Predictions Revisited

Premiership teams have now played either 29 or 30 games and as we head into roughly the final quarter of the season, there's a lot to play for at the bottom, middle, and top of the table. As a neutral fan, that's all I can ask for; suspense until the very end keeps me interested and it's shaping up to be a fantastic finish.

Last summer, I did my predictions as to where I believed each team would finish the year, and now, 75% of the way through the season, seems as good of a time as any to go back and revisit those picks and compare them to how the standings look today:

My Preseason Predictions:
1. Manchester United
2. Chelsea
3. Liverpool
4. Tottenham
5. Arsenal
6. Portsmouth
7. Aston Villa
8. Everton
9. Bolton
10. Blackburn Rovers
11. Reading
12. West Ham
13. Fulham
14. Newcastle
15. Manchester City
16. Middlesbrough
17. Sunderland
18. Wigan Athletic
19. Birmingham City
20. Derby County

Current Table (if my prediction matches, that team is in bold):
1. Manchester United
2. Arsenal
3. Chelsea
4. Liverpool
5. Everton
6. Portsmouth
7. Aston Villa
8. Manchester City
9. Blackburn Rovers
10. West Ham
11. Tottenham
12. Wigan Athletic
13. Middlesbrough
14. Reading
15. Newcastle
16. Sunderland
17. Birmingham City
18. Bolton
19. Fulham
20. Derby County

Alright, 4/20 (20%) isn't too great, BUT, I've been 8/20 (40%) accurate within one place. For example, I picked Newcastle to finish in 14th but they're in 15th right now; they are one of the eight teams within one place of my predictions.

Here's your chance to let me have it, everyone. Tell me how wrong I've been, rub it in my face a little bit.

Come on, give it to me!

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Starting11 said...

I come to praise you, not bury you. Predictions are fun, but very few people--especially in the mainstream media--do what you did today. All of them should be held to the fire to revisit their expert opinions. Well done!