Friday, March 28, 2008

Wayne Rooney Joins "I'm On Setanta Sports"

Stop the presses, stop the presses!!

In a move that likely will not pacify Dave from Newcastle, who was undoubtedly crushed when Shola Ameobi left Tyneside to join Stoke City on loan, Wayne Rooney has joined The Special One and Sven Goran-Eriksson on "I'm on Setanta Sports".

This is excellent, just fantastic. Like the other two gentlemen, English is not really Rooney's first language. Wazza is known for a lot of things but grammar and pronounciation are certainly not chief amongst them.

Unfortunately for Sven, who had fears about this on the most recent episode, it looks like he'll be involved in a bit of a rotation system with The Special One's new signing now onboard.

If Wazza could convince his fiancée, Coleen McLoughlin, to make a guest appearance or two, we'd really be in business.


Kartik said...

This thing is really stupid and has gone way too far. A segment like "I'm on Setanta Sports" would totally flop in the United States.

NotInUSAThankGod said...

No, you have to act stupid and retarded in real life to be a success in the United States.

Anonymous said...

As an American, I love "I'm on Setanta Sports", but I've got a hard time believing The Special One would ever sign Wayne. For all his talent, he's an embarrassment to his team all too often, with the stamp being the most egregious incident.

But for the show, Wayne's lack of speaking will serve Jose's centrality well.