Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wild Weather at White Hart Lane

If you're watching the Tottenham-Portsmouth game at White Hart Lane right now, you have to be amazed at the weather you've seen throughout the course of the match.

First of all, it's March 22 and spring is here. Apparently they didn't get the memo in England and it was snowing before the start of the game this morning. The wind was whipping and yet most players were wearing short-sleeves. Right before kickoff, Setanta showed referee Phil Dowd with snowflakes in his hair.

Fast forward to about the 30th minute, and the scene was completely different. White Hart Lane was bathed in sunlight and it looked like a very nice spring day in North London. There were no signs of the wintry weather seen half an hour earlier.

OK, fast forward another 20-25 minutes and it was snowing again. The wind had picked up and the snow was swirling and sticking to the field. The ball clearly wasn't traveling as quickly on the ground and at times, low passes seemingly took an hour to reach their destination.

As I type this, we're in the 64th minute and the snow has stopped. It sort of looks like the sun wants to come out again.

The weather has been crazy today and the game itself hasn't been too bad. Should be a great last half hour.

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