Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm On The American Soccer Show

For those of you who have enjoyed the previous audio spots featuring myself as a guest, it's your lucky day.

This week on CSRN's American Soccer Show, hosted by my good friend Kartik Krishnaiyer, I'll be on twice for one segment each (about 12 minutes long). Kartik and I recorded the conversation that you can hear starting tomorrow night, either by subscribing to the hour-long show on iTunes or by heading over to CSRN's website ( and navigating your way to the American Soccer Show archives.

We had a good chat about Euro 2008 and how it's been received in America, then covered the US National Team and their recent friendlies against England, Spain, and Argentina, as well as their 9-0 aggregate win over Barbados to move on to the next round of World Cup qualifying. I posted the first part of my E-mail interview with Kartik concerning the USNT a couple weeks ago and will have the second half up either tomorrow or Wednesday.

I'll also be on later this week after the Euro 2008 semifinals have been played, so we'll probably get into those games a fair bit then.

Check out the show and feel free to give me your thoughts. If all goes well, something bigger and better could be on the horizon...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love that show, especially Dave Denholm!

CSRN is general has some good show but not that new one with the rambling angry guy who flies solo. Whoever that clown is knows so little about the game it is pathetic.