Saturday, May 26, 2007

New Jerseys for 2007-2008 (Continued)

As noted at today (May 26), the champions of the Championship, Sunderland, have released their latest away jersey. The club's logo is found at the upper right of the picture (the model's upper left), and the jersey keeps with Sunderland's traditional colors, as it should.

Jersey designer-Umbro

Manchester City unveiled their new home jersey about two weeks ago (May 14). Again, the team's logo is prominently displayed though the is a bit too large and takes away from the overall aesthetics of the shirt. New York Yankees-style pinstripes are included as well, which is a nice touch. Manchester City have a classy new home jersey for next season, but can they manage to score more than 10 goals in it? We'll see.
Jersey designer-Le Coq Sportif

Everton introduced their new home jersey on the team's official website on May 3. This jersey is a bit more traditional than the two mentioned above in terms of its similarities to last year's edition, but a hint of yellow around the collar is something the club did not have on their home jerseys for the '06-'07 season. It also appears to be a darker shade of blue; and the reason for this change is unclear. All the logos (Umbro, Chang, and Everton's) are located in the same place, and this jersey is not a dramatic change from last year's.
Jersey designer-Umbro

Tottenham unleashed their own version of the rainbow on May 12, with four new jerseys scheduled to debut in 2007: White (home), Yellow (away, and hideous), Dark Blue (third jersey), and Half-White, Half-Light Blue (125th anniversary shirt). Are four jerseys really necessary? There is most likely a color which every fan likes, but four jerseys seems a bit much.
Jersey designer-Puma

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