Saturday, May 26, 2007

New Jerseys for 2007-2008

Several teams have made changes to their uniforms for the upcoming Premiership and Football League season. Here, we'll take a brief glance at some new jerseys and I'll offer my opinions; yours are always welcome as well.

Some teams have scheduled their uniform release date for later on in the summer, though all of these dates are subject to change by the team:
Arsenal (July 7-home, August 7-away)
Chelsea (July 7-away, August 7-third)
Everton (July 12-away, September 6-third)
Liverpool (July 20-"European change")
Manchester City (August 7-away)
Manchester United (July 7-home, August 7-away)
Wigan (June 14-home, August 2-away, September 6-third)
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Blackburn Rovers unveiled two new jerseys for next season around the beginning of May. They were apparently voted on by the club's fans (I'd like to know why fans would vote for that away jersey, but I digress). The solid red away Blackburn wore last year was much more conservative, but the home jersey looks very similar. The 2007-2008 editions are a bit curvier and remind me of the jerseys which Adidas makes for the MLS teams, though Lonsdale is Blackburn's manufacturer again for next season.
Jersey designer-Lonsdale

Newcastle have released a new home jersey which they will wear up through 2009. It also looks fairly similar to last year's jersey; black and white stripes are the focal point. This is a very sleek-looking jersey, and Newcastle are marking the new era under Sam Allardyce in style.
Jersey designer-Adidas

The runners-up in the Championship intend to show up well-dressed when they make their return to the Premiership next season. Birmingham City will march into St. Andrews with a new home jersey, and hopefully for them, Steve Bruce (aka Jay Leno) will be able to solidify that club as a Premiership team to stay.
This jersey is not bad looking, but I would've liked to see a bit more blue in the middle and less white.
Jersey designer-Umbro

Liverpool's new black third jersey, worn here by John Arne Riise, is my personal favorite of all the new jerseys that have been released. I like this jersey far more than I liked the yellow one Liverpool wore this season during some away Premiership and away Champions League games, don't you agree? Adidas is also running a new campaign ( that has a countdown clock which will supposedly reveal Liverpool's new away jersey on May 30, however, it's widely rumored that this jersey is white with red trim and images of it have already been leaked. Steven Gerrard is pictured modeling it to the right in fact. Well-kept secret, huh?
Jersey designers-Adidas

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