Saturday, November 10, 2007

Setanta's Bonehead Move of the Day

So there I was this morning, on the couch eating some stuffed crust pizza, sitting with my brother watching the pretty intense Sunderland-Newcastle game on Setanta. This edition of the Tyne-Wear northeast derby was a cracking one; the action went back and forth and as the game was tied 1-1 heading into stoppage time, there surely looked to be a winner (there wasn't, the game ended 1-1).

In or about the 87th minute, the game feed suddenly cut off and we saw a live look-in at an empty Anfield, where the game between Liverpool and Fulham wasn't scheduled to kick off for another couple hours. One of the studio hosts was in the middle of a conversation about a Blue Square South team (no, not Blue Square North or Premier!), and then it went to commercial for a few minutes. Finally the Sunderland-Newcastle game came on again, but by that time it was the 92nd minute and the game was basically over.

Simply put, that's pathetic. How can the folks at Setanta take the viewers away from a derby game like that? Maybe I don't understand the technical part of the whole situation, but believe me, I've watched enough sports in my day to know that that wasn't supposed to happen, and in all the years I've watched ESPN or even more recently, FSC, that's never happened.


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