Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Champions League Round of 16 Predictions Update

After seven of eight ties, with Liverpool going to Inter Milan next week, here's a quick recap of my predictions:

My predictions to advance:

Liverpool (second leg still to come, currently up 2-0)
Real Madrid (eliminated by Roma, 4-2)
AC Milan (eliminated by Arsenal, 2-0)
Fenerbah├že (defeated Sevilla on PK's, 5-5)
Barcelona (defeated Celtic, 4-2)
Chelsea (defeated Olympiacos, 3-0)
Manchester United (defeated Lyon, 2-1)
Porto (eliminated on PK's by Schalke 04, 1-1)

So as it stands right now, I'm 4-7, with Liverpool looking pretty good to make me 5-8. That would be 62.5%. Not bad, not great.

If I was able to predict the outcome of every tie correctly, there would be no reason to play the games. When it gets down to the last 16 in the Champions League, it's a crapshoot and all bets are off.

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