Friday, March 7, 2008

No Posts Today

I'm heading down to the Richmond Coliseum this morning for the first two rounds of the Colonial Athletic Association men's basketball tournament, so I won't be posting for the rest of the day.

Four games today and four games tomorrow, nothing better than watching win-or-go home college basketball. It's something I wish more soccer leagues across the world would adopt; as it stands right now, a 20-team league with no playoffs uses a 38-game schedule but every game means the same. There is no extra pressure to win or lose; either way, you'll live to play another game.

Today's First Round Schedule:

Noon: #8 Hofstra vs. #9 Towson
2:30 PM: #5 William & Mary vs. #12 Georgia State
6:00 PM: #7 Delaware vs. #10 Drexel
8:30 PM: #6 Northeastern vs. #11 James Madison


Anonymous said...

How can you say every game means so little?

Every PL game means substantially more than any MLS matchup. They have a playoffs and the regular season is meaningless.

In the Premier League every game matters. In college basketball nothing matters until March. Get the difference?

MJ said...

I'm not saying every game means so little, I'm saying every game means the exact same. Get the difference?

Every game is worth three points, ok, fine. But no matter what happens, you'll still play those 38 games, even if you don't win any of them. In college basketball come tournament time, if you lose one game, you're done, the season is over.